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Our Goal: To create Natural Fiber Clothing and Gear that can compete on a financial, ethical and technical level.

Synthetic VS Natural Fibers

There are of two types of fibers used in clothing. Natural fiber consists of animal/ plant fibers. Man-made fibers consist of synthetic and regenerated fibers. Since World war II our love affair with synthetic fibers has blossomed into an epidemic, 55.2 Million tonnes of synthetic fibers were created in 2014 alone. ANIÁN is inspired by the breathtaking environment we love exploring, as well as humble visionaries like Ernest Shackleton and Edmund Hillary. These visionaries sought adventure and always approached the natural world with admiration and respect,  our dependence on plastic-based materials  is posing a serious threat to the world they explored.

Check out the diagrams below for a more in depth looks at the life cycles of your clothing.