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We decided to build the shop in a lot that had no utilities, we were face with an interesting option. Pay to have power run to the yard or pay to put in a solar powered system and strive to be self-sufficient. We decided on the later. Striving to run 100% off the grid on solar power was a major risk. We took it because we are committed to and believe in what we are doing.  It wasn’t until a year later that we fully met our power needs and were able to grow beyond three inadequate lights. We operate on solar power and could not be happier


Unable to find a store that would allow for a show room and small scale manufacturing, we decided to build our own. Transforming a lot on the north side of Victoria’s down town into the ANIÁN headquarters using 100% recycled materials. Once a dumpster staging area, our space is now a lively retail store, workshop and music venue.

Music Venue

ANIÁN is as much about the life style as it is about the products, having a space that can be used as a venue for music, art shows and community events is at the top of the list. Our small stage like all construction is made with recycled material. Keep your eyes on our social media for the next event; they are definitely worth checking out.

Solar Tech

ANIÁN runs on a 1000 watt system that is powered by six 12 volt batteries wired in conjunction.  The batteries are charged by four 250 watt solar panels.   We use an Out Back Flex max 60 power point tracking charge controller to insure our system runs at optimal efficiency.